Due Date Topic Favorite OPs
Sep. 30
OP1: A Smarter Quality Metric For Testing
Jonas and Andrew
Oct. 7 OP2: Beating Dynamic Partial Order Reduction Peter
Oct. 14 OP3: One Infinite Loop Daniel
Oct. 21 OP4: Rethinking Symbolic Execution Jonas
Oct. 27 OP5: A Service for Specifying API Rules Andrii
Nov. 3 OP6: Data Races - To Tolerate Or Not To Tolerate? Andrii and Baris
Nov. 10 OP7: In Search of the Elusive Performance Bug Daniel
Nov. 17 OP8: Turning Abstract Interpretation into Symbolic Execution Etienne
Nov. 25 OP9: Systematic and Thorough Energy Profiling  
Dec. 1 OP10: Engineering Higher-Order Test Generation Peter
Dec. 8 OP11: A New Consistency Model Yannis
Dec. 15 OP12: Now, Which Technology to Use? Trevis

To ensure anonymity of your submission, please include nothing but the body of the OP in your submission. No title, no names, etc.

Use a maximum of 500 words for the body of your writeup; in the words of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, "perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away." Submit your one-pager electronically through the ATSS submission system in PDF 2.0. It must be received by midnight the day before the course session in which we will be discussing the corresponding material (see schedule). You are encouraged to discuss the reading materials with your peers, but the OP must be your own work; please list on your one-pager the students with whom you discussed the reading materials.

These one-pagers (OPs) will require in-depth consideration of the assigned materials, along with good technical writing. Each week, I will select one writeup that is my favorite and post it on the class Web page, unless the author disagrees. Late OPs cannot be submitted through the Moodle site, so they will automatically receive zero credit, no exceptions. Your lowest-grade OP will be ignored when determining the final grade; this will allow you to easily accommodate unforeseen circumstances, without embarassing yourself by begging me for mercy.

In order to get a sense of what makes a good one-pager, you can take a look at the "Favorite OP" column above and the list of favorite OPs from ATSS 2009.