Date Topic Readings Presenter
Sep. 18 Classic Testing Fuzz Revisited: A Re-Examination of the Reliability of UNIX Utilities and Services, B.P. Miller et al., U. Wisconsin T.R. #1268, 1995
A Simple and Practical Approach to Unit Testing: The JML and JUnit Way, Y. Cheon and G. T. Leavens, ECOOP 2002
Silviu Andrica
Sep. 25 Modern Testing Grammar-based Whitebox Fuzzing, P. Godefroid et al., PLDI 2008
Automated Whitebox Fuzz Testing, P. Godefroid et al., NDSS 2008
Radu Banabic
Oct. 2 Model Checking The Model Checker SPIN, G. J. Holzmann, IEEE Trans. Sw. Eng. 23(5):279-295, 1997
Model Checking for Programming Languages Using VeriSoft, P. Godefroid, POPL 1997
Salman Mirghasemi
Oct. 9 Symbolic Reasoning Symbolic Execution and Program Testing, James C. King, Comm. ACM 19(7), 1976
Symbolic Model Checking: 1020 States and Beyond, J. R. Burch et al., Jrnl. Inf. & Comp. 98(2), 1992
Giuliano Losa
Oct. 16 MC-based Testing
Model Checking Large Network Protocol Implementations, D. Engler and M. Musuvathi, NSDI 2004
Thorough Static Analysis of Device Drivers, T. Ball et al., EuroSys 2006
Radu Banabic
Oct. 23 MC-based Testing Using Model Checking to Find Serious File System Errors, J. Yang et al., OSDI 2004
MODIST: Transparent Model Checking of Unmodified Distributed Systems, J. Yang et al., NSDI 2009
Silviu Andrica
Oct. 30 SE-based Testing DART: Directed Automated Random Testing, P. Godefroid et al., PLDI 2005
EXE: Automatically Generating Inputs of Death, C. Cadar et al., CCS 2006
Vitaly Chipounov
Nov. 6 SE-based Testing
Symstra: A Framework for Generating Object-oriented Unit Tests Using Symbolic Execution, T. Xie et al., TACAS 2005
CUTE: A Concolic Unit Testing Engine for C, K. Sen et al., ESEC/FSE 2005
Stefan Bucur
Nov. 13 Scalable Testing
Klee: Unassisted and Automatic Generation of High-Coverage Tests for Complex Systems Programs, C. Cadar et al., OSDI 2008
Selective Symbolic Execution, V. Chipounov et al., HotDep 2009
Rong Hu
Nov. 20 Scalable Testing
Parallel Test Generation and Execution with Korat, S. Misailovic et al., FSE 2007
Cloud9: A Software Testing Service, L. Ciortea et al., LADIS 2009
Tihomir Gvero
Nov. 27 Scalable Testing
The Design of a Multicore Extension of the SPIN Model Checker, G.J. Holzmann and D. Bosnacki, IEEE Trans. Sw. Eng. 33(10), 2007
Experiments with Massively Parallel Constraint Solving, L. Bordeaux et al., IJCAI 2009
Olivier Crameri
Dec. 4 Security
Automatic Patch-based Exploit Generation Is Possible: Techniques and Implications, D. Brumley et al., SSP 2008
Bouncer: Securing Software by Blocking Bad Input, M. Costa et al., SOSP 2007
Cristian Zamfir
Dec. 11 Bug Reporting
Better Bug Reporting with Better Privacy, M. Castro et al., ASPLOS 2008
Triage: Diagnosing Production Run Failures at the User's Site, J. Tucek et al., SOSP 2007
Salman Mirghasemi
Dec. 18 Special Topics
Efficient Program Execution Indexing, B. Xin et al., PLDI 2008
Compositional Dynamic Test Generation, P. Godefroid, POPL 2007
Pinar Tözün